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Our Story

Veratti Group

Veratti has forged a reputation for excellence through decades spent immersed in good design and unwavering attention to fine carpet craft. Situated in the Cazzano of Sant'Andrea of the same name, Veratti has been the historic and spiritual home of carpet weaving for nearly 400 years, and has come to stand for fine carpets of enduring quality.

All our woven axminster carpets are designed and made in Veratti using Italy wool, regarded as the world’s best for its blend of resilience and recovery. Embracing our heritage with 100-year old narrowloom machines, still lovingly operated to this very day, and celebrating innovation with a robotic high-speed loom that gives instant colour switching, we make carpets which reflect our passion and culture. Every carpet that leaves Veratti has been expertly made with skilled hands; the embodiment of the very best in modern manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship.


Colorful Methods

Veratti Colors

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