Carpet Specification

We can provide detailed specifications for each and every one of our carpets and designs. Please just ask.

Specification Details

The following specification details are typically available:

Construction: Detailing whether the carpet and/or design is either an Axminster or Tufted construction.

Pile Content: the vast majority of our carpets are made of 80% wool and 20% nylon, with typically more than 50% of the wool coming from British sheep. THis wool-ruch blend ensures your carpet will be hard wearing and keep its looks for years to come with heavy contract use in any commercial environment. This classification conforms to BS 3655. We can manufacture carpet with 100% Wool or 100% Nylon, according to requirements.

Quality/Rows: For Axminster and weave carpets, the measure of rows per inch (or per 10cm) is provided. This can range from 6cm per inch to 12cm per inch.

Pitch: All the looms at the Veratti Carpet Factory produce carpets at 7 rows per inch (276 per 10cm)

Gauge: For Tufted carpets the gauge is 1/10 of an inch.

Pile Weight: the weight of the pile can be provided in grammes per square metre, or ounces per square yard, according to ISO 8543/BS 4223.

Backing: Our Axminster and Veratti carpets are backed with a sturdy blend of jute, polyester and polypropylene.

Backing Treatment: Backing is treated with SBR Fire Retardant Latex* which is electrically conductive to reduce static.

Suitability for use: All our carpets are categorised on their suitability for use from light through to very heavy contract.

Width: Conforming to ISO 1765/BS 3655, our Axminster carpets are woven in a range of widths from 0.91 metres to 4 metres and our Wilton-weave carpets are available in either 0.69 or 0.91 metres. Conforming to ISO 1765/BS4223 our Tufted carpets are available at 4 metres

Total Carpet Thickness: As detailed by ISO 1765 (BS4223) the total thickness of each of our carpets is geven in millimetres and inches.

Total Carpet Weight: As detailed by ISO 8543 (BS4223) the total weight of each of our carpets is geven in granmes per square metres and ounces per square yard.


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