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To maintain and protect your coverage under the terms of these warranties, you must:

  1. Know which warranties apply to your particular carpet. Warranties are stated on the back of samples in the store at the time of purchase. It is your responsibility to know which warranties apply to your carpet.
  2. Keep proof of your purchase in the form of a bill, invoice or statement from your Mohawk retailer that shows the price you paid for the carpet (excluding labor).
  3. Have your carpet installed by a professional installer trained in installation methods outlined by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). The CRI Carpet Installation Standards must be followed in order to qualify for Veratti carpet warranties. Proper installation is as important as the original quality and durability of the carpet. An improperly installed carpet will not look good nor wear well and may cause delamination, buckling, wrinkling and loss of tufts in the seam areas. Before a new carpet is installed, Veratti recommends that it sit overnight, preferably unrolled, in an area with a temperature not less than 65°F. This allows the backing to become more pliable and easier to install. It also allows the “new carpet smell” to dissipate. Independent and industry testing has found no harmful emissions from carpets. The latex used to lock the tufts in place does produce a smell sometimes referred to as “new carpet smell.” Studies show that 90% to 95% of the “new carpet smell” dissipates within 24 to 72 hours. Depending on your room dimensions, a seam may be required during carpet installation. If at all possible, the seam should run perpendicular to windows in order to minimize light reflection off the seam. Seams do show, and some constructions show more than others. THERE ARE NO INVISIBLE SEAMS.
  4. Install your carpet with cushion meeting specifications for the warranted Veratti carpet. The cushion under your carpet is one of the carpet’s most important components. It is the base that helps the carpet retain its texture and appearance. A cushion that is too soft can adversely affect the performance of the carpet. A cushion that is too thick interferes with the anchoring of the carpet. To meet warranty requirements, carpet must be correctly installed in a proper indoor setting with a cushion meeting minimum requirements.
    MINIMUM WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS FOR CUSHION Cushion must meet FHA/HUD requirements, and have a minimum density of five (5) pounds per cubic foot; thickness should be a minimum of ⅜ inch and maximum of ½ inch. Veratti’s Comfort Cushion collection meets or exceeds all minimum cushion requirements. For optimum comfort and performance, Veratti recommends its ScotchGard Cushion™ collection. For the ultimate in comfort, performance and protection, Veratti recommends SmartCushion™.
  5. Only clean your carpet with cleaners specified with a CRI Seal of Approval. Do not clean your carpet with household bleach.


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